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Terms and Conditions

Salish Seaside RV Haven Resort Guidelines

Check In/Out time

Check in time is at 1:00pm. Check out time is at 11:00am. Please be mindful of the time, as we have other guests checking into the sites. 


All guests must check in at the office upon arrival unless agreed with management before hand.

The speed limit in the park is 10 KPH

Please be aware of pedestrians and pets/wild life on the roadways.

No parking on the lawn or in the roadways

If you have extra vehicles and they won’t fit in your site, please speak with a member of staff. Any vehicle without a pass issued by the office can be found at the local towing company.

No driving on the lawn at any time

Driving on the lawn causes divits and uneven surfaces that are trip hazards including damage to the lawn sprinkling system.

Deposits & Cancellation Policy

Please see Terms & Conditions posted below.

Children must be supervised

We are an ocean front property, please ensure children and pets are accompanied by an adult at all times. Safety is our number one priority.


Tents and car camping is not permitted in the resort at any time.

Showers and Washrooms

Washing dishes, cutlery, BBQ equipment or animals in the showers, washrooms or laundry room is strictly prohibited.


Visitors are required to check in at the office before entering the park. Any vehicle without a pass issued by the office can be found at the local towing company.

Quiet Time

Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

Be sure to close awnings when leaving your rig unattended

Strong winds can come about suddenly and cause severe damage. Please ask a member of staff if you require assistance. Salish Seaside RV Haven will not be held responsible for any damage caused.

Cleanliness of the park

Sites are to be kept clean and orderly, as determined by management. Please leave washrooms and laundry as you would like to find them. If they are in need of attention, please notify a member of staff. No RV/vehicle cleaning or maintenance is permitted because of our nearness to the saltwater. 


Well behaved pets are welcome. Pets must be on leash. The owner should be on the other end of the leash. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to pick up after your critter. Excessive noise or allowing pets to roam off leash could result in you being asked to leave the Resort. Pets are not allowed in any buildings or other camper’s sites. Pets are not to be left unattended at the site.

Garbage & Recycling

Garbage, bottles, cans, cardboard and other recyclables are to be placed in the bins provided behind the park office. The disposal of personal garbage and recycling in the laundry room, washrooms and showers is strictly prohibited. 

Sanitation System

Only things that are meant to go down the toilet & sinks please. NO baby wipes, paper towel, feminine products, plastics of any kind, dental floss, grease & fat (please put in the garbage).


No open campfires. Propane fire pits are permitted. Available for rent, please ask a member of staff.

Picnic tables

Please help us keep the lawns looking good. Picnic tables are to remain on the concrete pads and the lawns are to be kept clear of all personal belongings.


Please respect other people's privacy and refrain from walking through occupied sites.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any common areas, or in any buildings.

Have fun

Please ask a staff member if you need anything, we are happy to help.



Terms & Conditions

The Guest that rents a site at the Resort (the “R.V. Site”) acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. The R.V. Site is only to be used for a recreational vehicle and any reasonable equipment associated with the use of that R.V, on the condition that at no time will the R.V. be used as the Guest’s primary residence.
  2. In addition to the R.V. itself, the Guest is authorized to park one vehicle on the R.V. Site (depending on site and size of R.V.). The Guest will be charged a fee for any additional vehicle in the Resort that is parked by the Guest or any other person in their party. The Guest will register vehicle license plate numbers at the front desk upon arrival. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  3. The Guest will maintain the R.V. Site in a clean and uncluttered condition (no laundry lines). All vehicles occupying the R.V. Site will be kept in neat, clean and repaired condition, as determined by the Resort management or its agents, in their sole discretion.
  4. The Guest is liable for the safe keeping and condition of the R.V and will arrange for reasonable insurance to cover the R.V. throughout their stay at the Resort. The Resort is not liable for the safe keeping or condition of the R.V., nor any damage or loss to or of the RV or any other property in possession of the Guest whatsoever. The Guest will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability at check-in.
  5. The Guest and anyone in their party linked to the R.V. Site will abide by the Rules & Regulations for the park as posted on our website: www.victoriarv.com (a paper copy will be available at check-in). The Resort reserves the right to amend the Rules & Regulations at any time.
  6. Prices include two people per site with a maximum of 4 people per site. Extra adults (14 years and over) will incur a charge of $6.00 per person, per night.
  7. Absolutely no subletting of the site by the registered guest is permitted to any other party at any time.
  8. The Resort reserves the right to transfer the Guest’s rental of the R.V. Site to a different site within the Resort, if the Resort finds such a transfer to be necessary.
  9. Weekly rates are subject to availability and only apply if the Guest stays in the same R.V. Site for seven (7) consecutive nights. Weekly rates do not apply during those weeks in which rates change, e.g. a 7-day period that starts in late March and ends in April or a 7-day period that starts in late September and ends in October.
  10. Reservations between 7 nights – 1 month require a deposit of $100.00 at time of booking. Reservations of 6 nights or less require a deposit of one (1) night of your stay.
  11. Reservations between 1 month – 6 months (Winter months only) require a deposit of $150.00 which is applied to the last month of your stay. Upon arrival, the total balance for the first month will be due. If cancellation occurs Salish Seaside requires 30 days notice. The rent will be due on the first of each month.
  12. Cancellation policy (1 night – 1 month) - If more than 14 days’ notice is given, a $21.00 administration fee will be charged to refund your deposit. Less than 14 days’ notice to cancel will result in the original deposit being forfeited. 
  13. Cancellation policy (1 month – 6 months) – If more than 30 days’ notice is given, a $21.00 administration fee will be charged to refund the deposit. Less than 30 days’ notice to cancel will result in the original deposit being forfeited.
  14. The remaining balance for your reservation is due upon arrival. Any unregistered vehicles on our property will be towed away at the owner’s expense by I-TOW (250-383-4869).
  15. Any unpaid deposits longer than 5 days will result in the original tentative reservation being cancelled. 
  16. During the peak season (May 1 - September 30), the maximum permitted stay is 31 days. During the off peak season (October 1 - April 30), 6 months is the maximum stay permitted in the resort. Monthly rates are offered for the months November -  March only.
  17. Pets are welcome in the park but must be well behaved and on a leash at ALL times. The Guest is responsible for picking up after their critter. Excessive noise or allowing pets to roam off leash could result in the Guest being asked to leave the Resort.
  18. The Resort reserves the right to refuse entry to any reservation that is made involving false claims when booking, with no refunds. E.g. Number of guests and unit type.
  19. Any illegal activities in the Resort or surrounding areas will not be tolerated and will result in the Guest being asked to leave the park.
  20. The Guest will not feed any wildlife. This law is enforced by Resort management and the Township of Esquimalt. A fine of up to $125.00 could be issued.
  21. RVs must be 10 years old or less and in good condition, it is up to management descretion if unit is older than 10 years old to accept admittance.
  22. The resort does not permit car camping or tents at anytime.

Thank you for choosing The Salish Seaside RV Haven.

Enjoy your stay!

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