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Top 5 Brunch Places in Victoria

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Here in Victoria, we take brunch seriously. On the weekends, you can find many of the locals enjoying fresh coffee, bacon and bennies at some of the many wonderful brunch spots in the city.

From savory classics to sweet indulgences, these various restaurants have mastered the art of brunch and are guaranteed to provide the experience you’re looking for. Each showcase their own unique personality and flair that make the city what it is today.

With plenty of places available, though, it can be difficult to narrow down the best of the best. To help you find your new favorite brunch spot, we’ve identified the top five brunch places in Victoria for your next visit.

In the interest of safety, Greater Victoria’s restaurants are still adhering to strict COVID-19 safety guidance. Restaurants are following guidance in accordance with IPAC to ensure the safety of all guests and team members. Before making a reservation at any of these locations, be sure to check online or give them a call ahead of your visit to learn about specific COVID-19 measures being taken.

Floyds - 322 Menzies StreetFloyd's Diner breakfast plate

Located in James Bay, Floyd’s Diner was established in 2004 and has quickly become one of the best brunch spots in all of Victoria. With an extensive menu of bennies and breakfast specials, there’s truly something for everyone at this classic diner. 

If you’re looking for a boozy brunch, Floyd’s has got that too! Their long list of brunch cocktails consist of mimosas, coffee cocktails, and much more.

While there are many things to love about Floyd’s, arguably the most beloved and well-known thing on their menu is “The Mahoney”.

Started by the owner, when you ask your server for “The Mahoney”, the cooks will make whatever they feel like serving you - sometimes, this is a unique dish you wouldn’t otherwise find on the menu. Once you’ve finished your meal, you can choose to pay the established price, or flip a coin to pay double or nothing.

Floyd’s is truly a fun, charming place for your brunch fix. Regulars especially love the egg dishes, and speak highly of the waitstaff working there. If you’re looking for a true diner experience, Floyd’s is the place to go.

John’s Place - 723 Pandora AvenueJohn's Place Sign

A true Victoria staple, John’s Place has been serving up excellent brunch for over 30 years. Customers enjoy a wide range of brunch options, including the “Off the Wall Breakfast” menu, which is filled with frittatas, hash, and other exciting brunch options for a one-of-a-kind meal.

If you’re in more of a lunch mood, they also have a “Sandwich Hall of Fame”, with a mix of classic sandwiches made to perfection.

John’s Place has repeatedly ranked high as one of the best places to eat in Victoria. Nearly everyone who visits raves about the vast menu selection, speaking to the quality of the meals served for a more-than-reasonable price.

The Famous Meatloaf was even featured on the Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here”, and for good reason - smothered in a rich mushroom gravy and paired with creamy mashed potatoes and vegetables, it’s a comfort food that’s guaranteed to hit the spot.

There’s a reason John’s Place has been around for as long as it has. They’re consistently great, and never miss the opportunity to serve a meal that tastes like it was made just for you.

Q at the Empress – 721 Government StreetEmpress

Q at the Empress evokes the deep history of Victoria: this dining spot located inside the Empress Hotel has a regal flair with distinct nods to Queen Victoria - but with a modern twist. 

It’s not just a restaurant, but more so an experience. Meals are made using regional ingredients, with heavy influences from local farmers and artisans to create fresh, true Pacific Northwestern cuisine.

Central to Q at the Empress is Chef Ken Hookham, who leads a talented team of cooks to serve entrees made with sustainably sourced seafood, traditionally raised meats, and more for an unforgettable brunch experience.

They serve a limited menu of brunch classics, with high-quality ingredients that elevate each dish to the next level. For a truly regal experience, you can even enjoy lunch on the hotel’s front lawn.

You can reserve your picnic spot and enjoy a basket filled with upscale selections including farmhouse cheese and pairings, various salads and cool sandwiches. You can enjoy these courses all while taking in the beauty of the city outside.

Blue Fox Cafe - 101 - 919 Fort StreetBlue Fox Cafe

Blue Fox Cafe is the trailblazer of brunch in the city - 30 years ago, it was the first restaurant to serve an all-day breakfast in Victoria. And for decades, they have remained a popular brunch destination for tourists and locals alike. The cafe is vibrant, with plenty of colourful art and decor to view while enjoying your brunch.

The Blue Fox Cafe serves a wide selection of brunch meals, most notably their list of “Ten Bennies”. Each bennie is unique and made with a variety of fresh ingredients, including the Moroccan Chicken Bennie made with Moroccan spiced chicken and palm date apple chutney, or the Eggs in Hell with chorizo and chipotle aioli.

Beyond this, they are known for their pancakes and oatmeal dishes, which include a mix of fruity and sweet flavors that will always leave you wanting more. The rest of the menu is full of variety with Mexican and Indian influences that make for a fantastic brunch experience.

Don Mee's Seafood Restaurant - 538 Fisgard Street Dim sum don mee

For a different kind of brunch, Don Mee's Seafood Restaurant is the place to be. A step away from your classic western breakfast, the restaurant is very Victoria all the same.

They have been the Heartbeat of Chinatown for over 90 years, and is the premier spot for dim sum. On weekends, they attract lines out the door in anticipation of their dim sum menu!

For those new to dim sum, literally translated, "dim sum" means "to touch the heart." Also known as "yum char," meaning "to have tea accompanied by a few appetizers”, dim sum is a full meal consisting of an array of dainty and delicious Cantonese-style dishes served a la cart. Dishes can include shrimp dumplings, filled sesame balls, stuffed crab claws, sticky rice, and bbq pork buns.

At Don Mee’s, they consistently serve high-quality dim sum dishes consisting of various dumplings, selections of meats and vegetables and more. They serve between 60 and 70 dim sum dishes on a regular basis, so you always have the opportunity to try something new and exciting. You can enjoy a lively and vibrant atmosphere in the restaurant, for a fantastic dining experience that you will not soon forget.

There are plenty of places to enjoy a great brunch in Victoria, but these places are the best of the best. They’re unique, memorable, and will contribute to an amazing experience, whether you’re simply visiting on vacation, or have been living here for years. Enjoy the best Victoria has to offer with these five fantastic brunch spots!


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