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Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Victoria

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Whether it’s nestled lakeshore sands or seemingly unending sandy beaches overlooking the ocean, visitors and locals alike in Victoria and Vancouver Island have the chance to take in the sun and views at some fantastic beaches. 

With everything from swimming and higher octane activities, to mountain top trails, to simply sitting on the sands and watching the sea—there’s something for everyone. And with so much choice, it can be hard to know where to begin! So to help you, here’s our rundown of five of the best beaches for you to visit on your RV trip to Victoria and beyond. 

1. Mystic Beachmystic_beach

Situated along the shores of the Strait Of Juan De Fuca just 75km from Victoria, Mystic Beach is one of the region’s most celebrated and scenic beach spots for an unforgettable day out. When travelling to the beach, it’s important to remember that there is no vehicle access immediately adjacent to it. instead, you can park at the China Beach Day Use Area, and enjoy a short scenic hike to the sand.

The highlight of any trip to Mystic Beach is a chance to view the small waterfall that falls down from the cliff tops above, however you will have to time your visit well in order to be able to get close to the waterfall. This is only possible at low tide, so you will have to look this up in advance and plan accordingly. 

Mystic Beach also offers an amazing opportunity for spotting harbor seals and sea lions, as well as grey whales, as they migrate to the area every spring.

2. Esquimalt Lagoonesquimalt_lagoon

For somewhere a little closer, Esquimalt Lagoon is one of the most unique and enchanting beaches in the region. With kilometres of soft sands winding around the lagoon, scattered pieces of driftwood art, and winding trails with old growth trees towering over meadows, it is a splendid spot to visit. Plus there is a castle nearby to complete the fairytale! 

Naturally enclosed by the Coburg Peninsula, Esquimalt Lagoon is a true haven, and easy to access via road, being only a 25 minute drive from downtown Victoria. 

Beyond the jaw dropping natural views and serene atmosphere, the thing that really sets Esquimalt Lagoon apart is the artwork of two local artists, Alex Witcombe and Paul Lewis, that can be found across the shoreline. There is the iconic Tolkien inspired ‘McGnarly the Beach Ent’ by Witcombe, as well as Lewis’ series of driftwood animal sculptures.  

3. Island Viewisland_view

Situated on the eastern shore of the Saanich Peninsula, this stretch of pristine beach epitomizes the unique geography and scenery of Vancouver Island. 

As well as being the perfect showcase for the best of the flora and fauna in the region, there are sand dunes that are home to rare plants, plus a 51 hectare conservation area with views of both the Haro Strait and Mount Baker. 

In particular, Island View is a must visit area for avid bird watchers or nature lovers, as the area is frequented by seabirds and shorebirds during their migration periods in spring and autumn. The area is also home to some of the region's rarest and most threaded shorebirds such as Oystercatchers. 

A great day out is to explore along a circle route: head north down the beach, then join one of the access trails through the foredunes. Return by way of the inland trail through the old salt marsh and backdunes, and stop at the picnic area for a snack.

4. Mount Doug Basemount_doug

While the top of the hill is more known, the beach is also a beautiful place to visit! Being in a region with such a varied and stunning range of natural scenery means you can always find beautiful sights that will be guaranteed to take your breath away—and that’s something that can definitely be found on the beach at the base of Mount Douglas. 

The beach can be found within Mount Douglas Park, travelling along the shores of Cordova Bay. There are a number of trails leading up the mountain from the beach, lined with ferns, wildflowers, and towering Douglas Fir and Cedar trees. 

And of course once you reach the top, you’re rewarded with spectacular panoramic views that can stretch all the way out to the heart of Victoria, or to the coastal waters.

One of the advantages of the Mount Douglas beach is its accessibility, with numerous picnic spots, well signposted trails, and an ideal location for those based in downtown Victoria, which is only a 20 minute drive from the park. 

5. Willows Beachwillows_beach

For our final beach pick, we’re turning to one of the area’s trendiest and most popular destinations in the form of Willows Beach. This developed waterfront park contains a wide range of activities and sights, including sandy beach, esplanade and walkway, concessions, a tea room, and picnic tables.

It’s a great day out for both those looking for active and passive recreational activities, as well as being perfect for a social family day out. This is aided by its location—being just a 15 minute drive from downtown Victoria. 

And if you’re visiting in June, be sure to check out the annual extravaganza that is the Oak Bay tea party! Held at Willows Park, this is a weekend-long event featuring parades, carnival rides, fireworks, and all sorts of eclectic and exciting entertainment. 

The key to being able to visit these remarkable beaches? Having the ideal location to serve as your base in Victoria while you visit the region, which is exactly what we’re able to provide here at Salish. 

Our RV haven is perfectly encamped within the downtown Victoria area, giving you a safe place to rest up and recharge before venturing out once again. If you’re planning a trip, book your reservation through our website today to get the best location on offer! 


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