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Salmon Fishing in Victoria

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The Grand Opening

Traditional Songhees cultural dance at the Salish Seaside RV Haven opening ceremonyFor those of you who missed it, our Salish Seaside RV Haven Opening Ceremony was a wonderful day in the sunshine. The ceremonial opening speech was given by Mary Ann Thomas, the widow of the late Chief Andy Thomas. They were joined by local dignitaries for the ribbon cutting. It was truly touching and our hearts go out to the Thomas family and Esquimalt Nation for their loss.

A traditional Songhees cultural dance and an Esquimalt cultural dance followed the ribbon cutting. It was a quietly joyful occasion, and we are thankful to everyone who participated. See the bottom of this post to view photos of the event.

Break Out The Fishing Rods

A First Nations-style seagull and salmon chalk drawing from the Victoria Chalk Art Festival, 2014. Photo credit @ngawangchodron on Flickr.Voted second best small city in the world by the magazine Conde Nast in 2017, Victoria is a world-class destination for travellers. Splendorous raw beauty abounds in the sparkling oceans, blissful beaches, lush meadows, tall trees, and magnificent parks. Our city boasts renowned museums, galleries, and architecture. Just imagine being in the epicentre of all this magic while you enjoy a stay in our new state-of-the-art RV park. The rapturous experience of all things Victoria would not be complete without the ultimate adventure: salmon fishing.

Situated on Esquimalt's sun-drenched waterfront, we are the perfect location to offer you easy and convenient access to salmon fishing. We want you to experience the joys of Island living, including our love affair with salmon and other seafood. So pack your fishing gear in the RV and come visit us soon!

Is there any better way to savour the thrill of salmon fishing than with the convenience of a recreational vehicle? After establishing your home base at our RV park, you can travel to multiple locations on southern Vancouver Island and fish to your heart's delight. Then, with your catch on ice, just kick back in your home on wheels, have a beer, and watch the sun set over paradise. Later, your home will be filled with the sumptuous aroma of fresh salmon cooking on the grill. Suddenly you will know why you bought your mobile ticket to fun, and why you chose our RV park to put down temporary roots on our tropical island.

In balmy 'Victropica', the mild climate enables fishing year-round with plenty of local salmon to be reeled in and enjoyed. Our beautiful city provides a wide array of opportunities to feel the sun on your face and the tug on a line. Experienced fishing charter companies promise the fishing trip of a lifetime. Or maybe chatting with a naturalist on a luxury fishing adventure is your cup of tea. We are happy to help you connect with a fishing charter or facilitate any other salmon adventure. All you need is your shiny motorhome and a map to Victoria.

Vancouver Island is home to some of the best Chinook (king) and Coho (silver) salmon fishing in the world — even when compared to neighbouring Alaska, according to Discover Vancouver Island. One of the best places to fish during the cooler months, Victoria is famous for its winter salmon. Just picture yourself holding a five to ten-pound prized winter Chinook, its typical weight range. Are you a fishing purist, driven by the allure of a one-person-against-the-sea Hemingway adventure? Here again, the RV is your best friend. Just hop in and drive to the Ogden Point Breakwater in James Bay, where the surrounding waters teem with marine life. Find a good spot on the rocks below, cast a line, and enjoy the breathtaking seascape.

Parking your RV in our premier venue opens up worlds of excitement and adventure in one of the most remarkable cities on the planet. Salmon fishing is at the top of the list.


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