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How To Entertain Yourself When On The Road In Your RV

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An RV journey to Salish can seem like it's all about the destination, about getting to explore the joys of the Canadian Pacific Northwest, and about settling in to your luxury RV haven before heading out again!

But, there are also going to be long hours on the road, time spent passing by beautiful sights and anticipating the holiday to come, so we think it’s good to have a plan on how to make those hours on the road as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

Paint A Picture

If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to experience on an RV journey through Canada’s Pacific Northwest — it’s picturesque scenery.

So why not pass the time by letting that scenery inspire you and creating some beautiful art. One of the best ways of doing that, as far as we’re concerned, is watercolour painting, a great way of capturing the myriad landscapes of British Columbia.

Watercolour also has the advantage of being easily portable, requiring just paints and brushes, a small palette, and whatever paper you have to hand.

That being said, you should definitely go with the medium that inspires you the most, this is all about your artistic expression! Plus at the end of the trip you'll have some beautiful pieces to keep as souvenirs of the trip.

Edit Your Holiday Videos

We don't doubt that you will have shot hours of video footage chronicling your travels, capturing those precious moments you want to keep forever. But, what happens when you come to watch it?

Do you want to sit through the hours of less than essential footage, like that one shot where you caught 15 minutes of pavement?

Thankfully, you can turn video editing into a fun on the road hobby, and be left with footage you can revisit time and time again, or show off to family and friends.

These days, video editing software is easy to find and easy to use, making it something you can get lost in while you’re on the road. 

Learn A Different Language

It’s one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, something we all say we’re planning on doing — but never manage to find the time.

Learning a new language is a lot of fun, highly rewarding, and a great way to keep your brain active. So, what better way to pass the time on your RV trip than by getting started on learning that new language you’ve been meaning to?

With helpful apps like Duolingo, it couldn’t be easier to do it on the go and from the comfort of your phone.

Take Up Knitting (or Crochet)

The ideal RV hobby is one that takes up time, but also one that has a calming effect, something relaxing you can lose yourself in — and nothing is better for this than knitting.

There’s been a real boom in the last few years in knitting as a hobby, meaning there are an enviable range of patterns to choose from, no matter whether you’re a total novice or an expert seamstress.

Knitting is also an easily portable hobby, you can just relax into your seat and wile away the hours until you reach your destination.

And when you return home, not only will you have something new you’ve knitted, but that object will always remind you of your holiday. 

Keep A Holiday Journal 

Chronicling your holiday memories doesn’t just have to be limited to photos and videos — there’s a real pleasure in doing things the old-fashioned way and keeping a holiday journal or diary. This way, you can capture not just the moments, but the memories, the emotions associated with them, and all the sights and sounds. 

At the end of each day spend a few minutes writing about the good food and beautiful scenery you've seen. In a few years you can read it back and re-live your holiday.  

Listen To Something Together

If you’re travelling with your partner, you may need to find something you can do while one of you is driving. But you wouldn’t want either of you to feel left out after all!

You could just leave the radio on, but if you ask us, that’s a little repetitive!

Instead, a fun way of keeping that holiday mood up would be to plan a playlist, put together all your favourite songs, some sentimental choices, or something appropriate for the destination.  

If you want to create a cozy at home vibe, one that recalls curling up in your favourite chair and relaxing, why not listen to a podcast or an audiobook together - we just probably wouldn’t recommend true crime.

But a nice mug of coffee or tea and a podcast to discuss while you drive could really make the hours fly by. 

Here at Salish, we’re all about making sure RV owners have as enjoyable of a time as possible, and a big part of that is providing a home away from home for them to base themselves at, and our RV haven is truly the height of comfort. To find out more, look at our website or get in touch with us today. 


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