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Don’t Leave Your RV Gathering Dust: Give It A Makeover Instead!

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With your RV parked up and stowed away, it may very well be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But what if this was an opportunity, what if there’s never going to be a better moment to give your RV a true ‘home’ makeover?

This is your chance to put a personal touch on your RV, to up your comfort, style, and luxury levels, to install new furniture, gadgets, art, and more!

To help you get started, this blog is going to look at some of our favourite RV makeover starting points and tips. 

Add In Some Personal Touches 

When it comes to putting your own stamp on your RV (and finding that all-important outlet for your personal and creative expression), you don’t have to think big.

In fact, it’s often the small touches that mean the most, the ones you can look to and think, yes, that’s my RV.

When it comes to possibilities, your RV is full of them:

  • Mood lighting 

  • Faucets

  • Drawer and cabinet pulls 

  • Soft furnishings 

  • Artwork and other decorative elements 

  • Splashbacks for the kitchen or bathroom 

A New Coat Of Paint 

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge - you can’t go wrong with giving your RV an interior decor revamp in the form of a new coat of paint. Painting an RV is a big job, but it’s a rewarding one that can undoubtedly transform your vehicle. 

The first thing you need to settle on is a colour scheme, whether it’s sleek neutral tones for a minimalist modern finish, or something more dramatic involving primary colours and stark contrasts. Settle for something that matches with your vision for your dream home on the road.

Before you start, we recommend lightly sanding the surfaces in your RV first. RV walls and cabinets are often covered in a laminate like material which can cause adhesive problems when being painted.

The next step is to coat the surfaces with a primer, then you’re ready to go! 

From The Ground Up 

Painting isn’t the only way to dramatically change the aesthetic of your RV - installing a new floor will completely change the space.

Most RVs will come with carpeting in place, but this can often make the interior seem dated or generic. Swapping this out for a more stylish carpet, or even wood flooring, can make a significant difference.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that real wood flooring may be too heavy for some RV weight limits, if this is the case, try a laminate option that has all the aesthetic appeal of the real thing, with a much lighter load. 

Exterior Shot 

The interior isn’t the only part of your RV that can be given a makeover. Redesigning the exterior can be a real statement maker, giving your RV a fresh new look. 

When it comes to repainting or adding to the exterior of your RV, you’re free to go as bold or as minimalist as you like. You don’t have to stop at repainting either, by adding a ‘feature window’ with a unique shape, or even by using repurposed materials, you can build a theme throughout your RV or simply add a stylish accent to your exterior. 

Alternatively, you can glitz up your outdoor furniture set with some new chairs and tables, complemented by statement lighting in the form of either hanging metallic lights or lanterns, so that you can enjoy some atmospheric evenings by your RV. 

A Kitchen Fit For A King 

An RV meal is about more than just practicality. When you come back to your RV, you want something delicious, something you can gather outside beneath the awning and tuck into whilst breathing in that crisp fresh air. The best way to achieve this? Give your RV kitchen its own makeover.

Some great kitchen ideas include: 

  • Stylish crockery or tableware 

  • Redesigning your storage options to create as much space as possible 

  • Investing in the latest kitchen gadgets to give you a cutting edge 

Some Handy Design Tips 

Some people already have a clear vision in mind for what they want their RV to look like - and if that’s you, our advice is simple, follow your vision! There is no right or wrong way to decorate your RV, only the way you want things to be.

If you’re a little more stuck for inspiration, try following these design rules and see where your creative spark takes you:

  • The rule of three - that’s white, light, and bright.
    Using these principles, you’re guaranteed to wind up with an RV space that feels open, inviting, and relaxing. 

  • Stick to one pattern.
    There’s a temptation to stuff as many ideas in as possible, especially if you’re unsure of your broader vision, but this risks making things too busy and cluttered. Instead, go for a single type of pattern, such as floral, and create a unifying and aesthetically pleasing look for your RV.

  • Form comes after function.
    This is especially true for an RV, so never forget the purpose is to create a vehicle that is comfortable to spend time in, and exciting to take out on the road. Design your interiors around those two main principles and you can’t go wrong, just ask yourself, what is comfortable for me? And, what do I find exciting?

Just because you're not travelling, doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about your next road trip, whenever that may be! And when you do, be sure to swing by our RV resort here at Salish, the premier destination for exploring the sights and sounds of the idyllic Pacific Northwest. 


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