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8 Reasons The Pacific Northwest Is The Ideal Vacation Spot

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There is nothing else quite like the freedom of getting out onto the open road for an RV adventure — the thrill of the great outdoors, the chance to follow your own path, the sense of discovery and wonder. Equally, in terms of the perfect RV destination, there is only one winner — the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Somewhere that truly has everything you’re looking for in an RV destination, whether you’re travelling from the U.S, inside Canada, or further afield. 


Why is the Canadian Pacific Northwest the ideal RV destination? It has so much to offer not just any traveller, but specifically the qualities any RV newbie or veteran will appreciate. Nowhere else is this truer than when it comes to the natural landscapes and scenery on offer in the region. There is an array of sights and destinations on offer — from the uncaged power of the region’s famous winter storms to the tranquil beauty of its many lakes. 

Coastal Spots 

With a coastline that stretches alongside the magnificent pacific ocean, there is no shortage of wonderful beaches and seaside towns for RV travellers to visit.  The best place to look for these beaches is undoubtedly Vancouver Island — home to windswept dunes and spectacular rocky beaches such as Sombrio. Sombrio is also an ideal spot for wilderness camping. 

Also located in Vancouver Island you’ll find Long Beach, situated in the striking Pacific Rim National Park. Long Beach has over ten miles of sand, all framed by a backdrop of rainforest and mountains. In the spring and summer, Long Beach is a tremendous spot for whale watching with large pods of Grey Whales a common sight. 

Rivers And Fishing 

The Canadian Pacific Northwest is also home to some of the largest and most majestic rivers in North America — this includes the Columbia River, a designated BC heritage river and the fourth-largest by volume in North America, flowing through vistas of fir trees and mountains. Amongst these great rivers there a number of fantastic spots for fishing, including the Skeena River, famed for its salmon and steelhead populations. 


The Canadian Pacific Northwest is perhaps most famous for its lakes — so many in fact we couldn’t even begin to list all of them! But, the undisputed gem of the area is Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island. Not only does it offer breathtaking views and a wide range of watersports, but there’s also two separate nearby campgrounds and one of the area’s most impressive collections of ancient petroglyphs. Additionally, we’d also recommend the stunning views offered by Cameron Lake — surrounded by towering ancient Western Red Cedar trees on one side.


Those looking for the ultimate relaxation journey can follow the 530-mile Hot Springs Circle Route — this takes in eight of British Columbia’s most invigorating, and scenic, hot springs. Beginning in Cranbrook before taking you through the Kootenay Rockies, the route also encompasses the luxurious Naksup and Halcyon Hot Springs, before heading to the uniquely breathtaking Lussier’s gravel-bottom springs, and finishing up in the crisp mineral water of the Ainsworth springs. 

Thrill Seeking

With all that spectacular scenery and changing terrain it’s no surprise that the Canadian Pacific Northwest offers plenty when it comes to adventure and adrenaline. Rv holidays aren’t just about the winding roads and beautiful views — they’re a great opportunity to explore your wild side! For thrill-seekers, there is no more ideal destination than Squamish, Canada’s adventure capital. Named by The New York Times as one of their ‘top 52 places to go’ Squamish is world-renowned for its hiking, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, and windsurfing.

If you want to head a little higher Whistler offers unmatched opportunities when it comes to mountain biking and skiing. Used as a venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, there is a wide range of winter sports and activities on offer as well as scenic trails and hikes for those with all levels of experience and ability. 

Why Canadians Should Visit 

If the spectacular location isn’t enough — and we know there is no shortage of such areas in North America — there are a number of benefits for Canadian RV travellers when it comes to staying within their borders. It is, in terms of security and logistics, an easier and less stressful option. With guaranteed access to healthcare, no difficult insurance hurdles, and no exchange rates to worry about. It also allows for a unique blend of familiarity and discovery. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of discovering you can find paradise without ever leaving home. And we know that RV travellers form lasting bonds with the people they meet along the way — something that’s helped by travelling within Canada.  

Why Americans Should Visit 

For Americans, there are many of the same benefits to travelling in Canada for one simple reason — convenience. After all, it’s potentially only 3 hours from Seattle to reach your first Canadian base. This also presents a unique and enticing opportunity — why not explore the American and Canadian Pacific Northwest as part of one epic journey of a lifetime? What’s more, opting to RV in Canada allows American travellers to simply unwind and enjoy their stay. With the freedom to explore the unknown and the comfort of a certain degree of familiarity — it’s the best of both worlds. 

The Canadian Pacific Northwest has so much to offer the RV traveller — and truthfully we’re only just scratching the surface here. That’s why we have our very own haven for RV travellers here at Salish, which is the perfect base for exploring Vancouver Island and the rest of the Canadian Pacific Northwest. To find out more, get in touch or explore our website. 


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